Weekly Prices: 5 days ( Monday to Friday )


2 hours daily: $ 95.00 per week                (GTQ 760)
3 hours daily: $ 135.00 per week              (GTQ 1080)

4 hours daily: $ 175.00 per week  (GTQ 1400)
5 hours daily: $ 200.00 per week              (GTQ 1600)
6 hours daily: $ 220.00 per week  (GTQ 1760)
7 hours daily: $ 240.00 per week              (GTQ 1920)
8 hours daily: $ 250.00 per week              (GTQ 2000)


*The prices in US dollar denominations are approximate and may change in accordance with exchange rate fluctuations. The prices in Quetzal are exact. The tuition must be paid using the local currency, the Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ).


*These prices do not include host-family

You may study 5, 6 or 7 days a week, Saturday and Sunday included. You can move in with your host family and start your course on any day of the week.




Living with a family


While all of our host families offer the warm hospitality and integration that makes Antigua such a desirable and memorable destination, it is possible for us to offer three distinct standards of accommodation to those wishing to participate in our Homestay Program.




Homestay Program A:


- Modest standard of accommodation. May be considered quite rustic  by Western

- Location outside of Central Antigua.
- No private bathroom available.
- Private bedroom.
- Three meals per day except on Sunday. Simple meals with little variation.
- Good value for travelers on a budget such as backpackers, long term volunteers.
- Cost: $75 per week per person.




Homestay Program B:


- Standard of accommodation is comfortable and will be familiar to most Westerners.
- Located in Central Antigua close to Don Pedro Spanish School.
- Private bedroom.
- Three meals per day except on Sunday. Meals varied, healthy and well balanced.
- Cost with shared bathroom: $135 per week per person. (GTQ 1080)
- Cost with private bathroom: $165 per week per person. (GTQ 1320)

Two People Sharing One Room
- Cost for two people sharing with shared bathroom: $245 per week per room.(GTQ 1960)
- Cost for two people sharing with private bathroom: $275 per week per room.(GTQ 2200)

- Wireless Internet Access: $5 extra per week. (GTQ 40)
- Cable TV available in your room. $5 extra per week. (GTQ 40)

* Watching television in Spanish is highly recommended as it is an enjoyable way of  reinforcing listening skills. Experience shows that students who watch television in Spanish progress much more rapidly


Homestay Program C:


- Most luxurious homestay option in Antigua.
- Beautifully furnished private bedroom with private bathroom.
- Easy, level walk to Don Pedro Spanish School.
- Wireless internet and cable television included in price.
- Three meals per day except on Sunday. Varied menu; high quality meals.
- Limited availability.
- Cost: $ 300 per week per person. (GTQ 2400)

Two People Sharing One Room
- Cost for two people sharing: $450 per week per room. (GTQ 3600)


Shuttle Transfer Service:

- Upon arrival, from La Aurora Airport in Guatemala to hotel or host family in Antigua.
- Includes all people who are traveling together as a single party.
- Cost: $40 (GTQ 300)




The best way to learn about us is to make
contact with our former students.

Click here: Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School, Antigua Guatemala | Facebook and you can read comments made by our students and also contact them direct. There are more than 100 former students who are Fans of our Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to learn about our school. You may participate in Discussions about the school and its programs and activities, and you can view recent photos taken in the school and watch our video.

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