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Morning Price

Weekly Prices: 5 days ( from Monday to Friday )

4 hours daily: $ 195.00 per week( GTQ 1560 )
6 hours daily: $ 235.00 per week( GTQ 1880 )

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Afternoon Price

Weekly Prices: 5 days ( from Monday to Friday )

You may choose to study at any time between 12:30 noon and 6pm. Special price for young people who have a small budget to travel (students, volunteer who do voluntary work and backpackers.)

2 hours daily: $ 85.00 per week( GTQ 680 )
3 hours daily: $ 95.00 per week( GTQ 760 )
4 hours daily: $ 100.00 per week( GTQ 800 )

New Program

5 hours daily: (3 hours + 2 hours) $ 210.00 per week( GTQ 1680 )

Consists of 3 hours of study in the school
and 2 hours of activities in Antigua with your teacher.

Three New Programs:

New Program # 1:

3 hours daily + 2 hours of activities with your own personal teacher, including practical activities: 5 days (Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM) $210.00 per week (GTQ1680).

We offer this new program for people who have trouble focusing on too many hours of academic study and prefer to practice their Spanish in 'real world' situations. This method of learning is ideal for older adults. You can study for two or three hours at the school and follow with two further hours each day visiting, with your teacher, points of interest in Antigua, practicing your new Spanish skills along the way.

New Program # 2:

5 hours daily: $220.00 per week (GTQ1760).

We do not recommend to study 5 full hours without a break. It is better to study 6 hours total with a break between lessons. We recommend 4 hours in the morning, plus two hours in the afternoon. Alternatively, study for 5 hours total; 3 hours in the morning plus two hours in the afternoon.

Another alternative is to spend two hours in the afternoon going out into Antigua with your teacher to practice your Spanish skills instead of remaining in the school for furher formal study. These afternoon activities can also be varied and fun!

New Program # 3:

25 hours: $230.00 per week (GTQ1840).

You can use these 25 hours at your convenience to study Spanish between Monday and Saturday, from 8 a.m. top.m. You can take advantage of your 25 hours to first study at school, and afterward visit places of interest in Antigua with your teacher, giving you the opportunity to practice your new Spanish skills. This is our most flexible program ever


With this flexible program you can take a day off to climb a volcano or to visit Lake Atitlan, followed by lessons for the next five days. You might choose to study only two hours on one day, and seven hours on another day. Perhaps on another day you might like to do only activities, followed the next day with only formal study in the school. You can start in the morning at whatever time suits you. You can manage your 25 hours over five days from Monday to Friday or if you wish, over six days, from Monday to Saturday.

One student, Two teachers

6 Hours daily: $235 per week (Q. 1880 ).

Our school suggests a 6 hours a day course. We find that the most successful students, the ones who achieve the most fluency and accuracy in the language, are the students who study for six hours each day. This approach provides the student with a very efficient program designed to teach and improve Spanish grammar, usage, and conversational skills. The student studies with one teacher each morning from 8 a.m. until 12 noon with the primary focus being on grammar and usage. In the afternoon, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., the student will study with another teacher who will concentrate on improvements in conversational skills.

The prices are pro-rated for extra days

*The prices in US dollar denominations are approximate and may change in accordance with exchange rate fluctuations. The prices in Quetzales are exact. The tuition must be paid using the local currency, the Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ). *these prices do not include host-family. there is no deposit due upon reservation; you may pay us for all coursework, homestay fees and services such as our airport shuttle on the second day of study. This policy ensures your overall satisfaction with your course of study; we ask you to pay for one week at a time. You can move in with your host family and start your course on any day of the week.

Living with a Family

While all of our host families offer the warm hospitality and integration that makes Antigua such a desirable and memorable destination, it is possible for us to offer three distinct standards of accommodation to those wishing to participate in our Homestay Program.

Your homestay can begin on any day of the week. A week is seven consecutive nights. For instance, if you begin your homestay on Wednesday, your week runs until wednesday morning of the following week.


Being a vegetarian and special diet is no problem at all. We will inform your host family of this and you can let them know the type of vegetarian foods that please you; they will be happy to see to your needs.

Weekly Prices: 7 days

Homestay Program A:

• Modest standard of accommodation. May be considered quite rustic by Western standards.
• Location outside of Central Antigua.
• No private bathroom available.
• Private bedroom.
• Three meals per day except on Sunday. Simple meals with little variation.
• Good value for travelers on a budget such as backpackers, long term volunteers.
• Cost: $100 (GTQ 800) per week per person.

Homestay Program B:

• Standard of accommodation is comfortable and will be familiar to most Westerners.
• Located in Central Antigua close to Don Pedro Spanish School.
• Private bedroom.
• Three meals per day except on Sunday. Meals varied, healthy and well balanced.
• Cost with shared bathroom: $135 per week per person. ( GTQ 1080 )
• Cost with private bathroom: $165 per week per person. ( GTQ 1320 )

Two People Sharing One Room
• Cost for two people sharing with shared bathroom: $255 per week per room.( GTQ 2040 )
• Cost for two people sharing with private bathroom: $295 per week per room.( GTQ 2360 )

• Wireless Internet Access: $5 extra per week. ( GTQ 40 )
• Cable TV available in your room. $5 extra per week. ( GTQ 40 )

* Watching television in Spanish is highly recommended as it is an enjoyable way of reinforcing listening skills. Experience shows that students who watch television in Spanish progressmuch more rapidly

Guest House Program:

Our guest house is a traditional Colonial house, located within an easy, 5 minutes walk from the school.
• Your accommodation consists of a spacious and tastefully decorated bedroom with two hotel quality beds, a desk where you can work, wifi, and a television with cable TV.
• You have at your disposal a kitchen where you can cook.
• Breakfast will be served free of charge.
• The guest house has the advantage of being very comfortable and gives you more freedom in your daily schedule than a Family homestay because of it's self-catering nature.
Our guest houses have character and will make you feel welcome.
Limited availability
Cost: $ 250 per week per person. ( GTQ 2000 )

Two People Sharing One Room
Cost for two people sharing: $450 per week per room. ( GTQ 3600 )


Shuttle Transfer Service:
• Upon arrival, from La Aurora Airport in Guatemala to hotel or host family in Antigua.
• This service is open 24 hours a day.
• Includes all people who are traveling together as a single party.
• Cost: $50 ( GTQ 400 )

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