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Our Program

100% Language Inmersion

What is it ?

• One teacher, one student .
• 4 or 6 hours daily intensive study .
• 5 or 6 days a week .
• Live with a Guatemalan family.
• Progress at your own speed
• Make your own program.
• Change teacher each week.

Usually classes are held between Monday and Friday. If you wish you may also receive classes on Saturdays. The student can choose to take his/her lessons either in the morning (8:00 am – 12:00 pm) or in the afternoon (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

One student, two teachers

Our school suggests a 6 hours a day course. We find that the most successful students, the ones who achieve the most fluency and accuracy in the language, are the students who study for six hours each day. This approach provides the student with a very efficient program designed to teach and improve Spanish grammar, usage, and conversational skills. The student studies with one teacher each morning from 8 a.m. until 12 noon with the primary focus being on grammar and usage. In the afternoon, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., the student will study with another teacher who will concentrate on improvements in conversational skills.

Spanish schools in-country constitute a very effective way to learn. Within a six weeks you may be fluent, and able to understand the average Spanish person on the street.An absolute beginner needs 2 months ( 8 to 10 weeks) to go through all grammar and be fluent. You can do it faster, but if you learn grammar without it becoming automatic you'll sooner or later lose it again. Many students commit the mistake of pressing their teachers to learn more advanced grammar without being fluent.

Make your own program.

A successful course of study depends upon how much the students define their desires and goals with the teacher. Each teacher develops a bespoke plan, dependent upon the needs of the individual student and the amount of time to be given over to study. The resulting instruction is intensive, and progress can be realized very quickly when both parties are committed to the process. A student in a total immersion situation can make as much progress in one week as he or she might make in a group situation over a course of three weeks.

Different Objectives

1. Spanish for travelers.

The teacher will not concentrate on details of grammar, but will stress vocabulary development. Verbs will be taught that cover the various situations encountered in the daily lives of travelers.

For example:

• Situations common to travelers
• Bus stations, taxis, subway maps
• Hotels
• Supermarkets
• Restaurants
• Travel Agencies
• Airports
• Banks
• Directions

2. Spanish speaking students and immigrants into Guatemala.

Many immigrants into Guatemala, such as retirees, speak Spanish well, but know little about the details of Spanish grammar. The same might be said for many European students; they have learned the language, traveling on their own, but lack the knowledge to use correct grammatical structure. These students may wish to place a greater emphasis on the study of Spanish grammar in order to become more accurate and fluent.

3. University and College students

Many students who join us in the summer months of June, July and August are young people who wish to study Spanish because they desire to supplement their studies in colleges and universities around the world. Our teachers, in these cases, have structured the coursework with grammar, conversation, writing, pronunciation, etc. The ratio of one student to one teacher works well in these situations. The professionalism and experience of the teacher may be of immense benefit to young people seeking clarification and experience with speaking the language on a daily basis under close scrutiny.

4. Technical classes

We have great demand from medical students and nurses who want to learn Spanish language associated with medical technology. We are able to provide teachers who are experienced with the conveyance of medical vocabulary. The application of Spanish language skills in relation to employment has increased greatly in recent years. Our teachers will conduct a needs assessment, in conjunction with the student involved, and prepare a course of study to meet these specific needs. The result is the promotion of ever better communications within a professional medical setting.

5. Classes for children.

We have several teachers who have many years of experience teaching children and young adolescents. It is possible for parents to take individualized lessons while their children are being taught and entertained nearby in our safe, beautiful garden setting. Our specialist teachers combine learning Spanish with a variety of games and activities that are fun and instructive for all involved. Developmentally, children often are ready to learn Spanish, and will surprise adults with their rapid progress when placed in a total immersion environment.

You may take FSI and ACTFL foreign proficiency exams that can help you to obtain employment and/or university credits.

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