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The best way to learn about us is to make contact with our former students. Please read the following student references. Each of these former students has indicated that they are happy to receive email enquiries from prospective students. Feel free to write to them to ask questions about the school.

Cynthia Beck (USA) Peak Experience! I studied here for two months and can't wait to go back. I had no Spanish, but by 4 weeks, I could understand and converse. Just the best, kindest people I have met in a long time. And the house I was placed in was fabulous. What a great adventure.

David Parks (USA) Great one on one instruction in a pretty courtyard. This is a great school and very fun and unique environment to learn in. They provide a lot of services (lunch/dinner parties, dance lessons) free where I think most places would charge extra. I spent 3 weeks there and will most likely return.

Connie Hess (USA) one cannot go wrong with selecting this school for learning a language. The instructors are the BEST, they make it fun, there is an interaction with other students and social activities, in addition to educational and interesting field trips. Antigua has something to offer for any and everyone. Don't hesitate in the least to select Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School for your language needs.

Joyce Lider (USA) I brought several students from North Idaho College to this Spanish school in May. Without exception, their experience was great! Very friendly staff and instructors, great location, and terrific hospitality (salsa dancing, weekly lunch and dinner....). We will be back!

Jake DiGirolamo My experience at Don Pedro De Alvarado is something I will never forget, hopefully along with the Spanish I learned there. In one week of lessons there, while living with a home stay, I could speak more Spanish than the French I studied for 4 years. A magnificent school with a vibrant staff and charming atmosphere, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else when I return to Guatemala.

Mary Kelly (USA) I spend two weeks in Antigua last year and I loved the school, the teachers, and all the fun activities, salsa dancing, trips every afternoon, and Irma's great cooking! I plan to return next summer so I can continue to improve my Spanish and salsa! -Mary Kelly

Rose Marie Ellis (USA) Great maestras, pleasant surroundings, and lots of fun!!!!!

Eva D'Amours (Canada) Una de la mejor experiencia de mi vida!! Nunca lo olvidaré!! Ya son que 17 años que pasaron y es como si fuera ayer. Que buenos recuerdos. Como esta la familia Paredes? Y el profesor Cesar? Muchos abrazos a todos!!! De encontrar la escuela en el Facebook me dejó súperfeliz!!

Sally Marquis (USA) Hola Caty y Lety y todos los maestros. Como están? Yo soy muy feliz a escribir una referencia de la escuela. La escuela fue muy excelente por nuestros. Los profesores estan muy amables y mi experiencia fue perfecto! Dan y yo queremos visitar muchos mas tiempos. Espero que cosas esta bien. Muchas gracias por todos.

Tim Scott I brought a group of 9 students from Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY and we set up a for credit program offering three different levels of Spanish. Don Pedro bent over backwards to accommodate us in every way, the instructors were great, the students learned a lot and absolutely loved it. I am planning to return with more students in May 2012. Feel free to message me if you are thinking about bringing a group or would like to know more about our experience.

Willem Steenkamp (South Africa) With my excellent teacher, Miriam Gonzalez, I prepared for the DELE C2 exam, the top / most difficult level of the Spanish Education Ministry's diplomas (see: Their web-site describes it as: "The DELE C2 exam is for a diploma equivalent to the level of Mastery. The DELE C2 exam certifies the linguistic competence necessary to efficiently handle any situation. Those taking the exam must demonstrate the ability to spontaneously adapt to any context with a high level of precision. They must also demonstrate a strong command of subtle nuances that makes for natural fluency in all their interactions." The exam consist of three parts, over two days: oral, written and comprehension. It is really tough - of the group who wrote the exam at the Antigua Guatemala exam centre in May 2013, only two passed - a guy from France and myself, from Don Pedro School. Thanks to my maestra, I managed a 78% aggregate and 97% for the oral exam. So - Don Pedro de Alvarado not only is great on the fun side, but is highly recommendable on the academic side as well.

Susan Feinstein (USA) I returned a week ago from Guatemala, having spent 2.5 weeks at the Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. I must say, being a bit of a cynical person, I never expected the school to be as good as everyone was saying on Facebook- but it was even better! I thought the instruction was wonderful- my teacher was incredibly patient with my inability to remember much of what she tried to teach me; the setting was beautiful; the weekly lunch, dinner, and dance lessons were great; and I loved the tours offered every week. I thought the whole experience was perfect (and despite myself I learned quite a bit of Spanish). Antigua is a wonderful, fun, safe city. I stayed in the guest house, but will do a home stay next time I go to the school which I hope will be soon!

Lilla Nikolics (Hungary) I recommend this school wholeheartedly. After being here for three months I've heard a lot of stories of students from other schools and I came to the point that this small school is the best one in Antigua! If you are looking for a friendly, personal, fun and good school this is the one.

Margare Duvall (USA) I absolutely loved this school! Initially, I studied at another place within the city, but I didn't feel connected to anyone there. After I visited Don Pedro I knew I would be happy there, everyone is so kind and helpful, which made me feel really at home (important because I'm so young). I met amazing people and ended up staying there the rest of my time in Guatemala. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Michaela Garcia (USA) I feel so lucky that during my search for Spanish schools in Antigua, I decided upon Don Pedro de Alvarado. I spent 8 weeks studying Spanish in this school and my experience was excellent. I had two amazing teachers who helped me to improve my Spanish to a point where I feel very comfortable conversing. There is so much more to this school than just the traditional educational value. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, and the people working in this school are always upbeat, charming, and great to be around. The friendships I made with both the staff and students there are irreplaceable. I would highly recommend Don Pedro de Alvarado to anyone looking for an exceptional Spanish School.

Kim Carr (USA) My husband and I spent 4 weeks in Guatemala and absolutely loved the school! The atmosphere is beautiful and the teachers are fun to work with! They catered perfectly to my "lazy" style, I was really only interested in basic conversation and my husband's "serious" style. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go back!

Nils Reubke (Germany) Very friendly and helpful staff and great teachers! Nice town as well ;)

Debi Gray (USA) My three weeks of studying Spanish at Don Pedro were amazing. The teachers were wonderful, the learning environment was so beautiful and relaxing, and the activities -- from salsa lessons and group dinners to local tours -- were fun and educational. The staff were so warm, helpful, and friendly. I will never forget my experience there!

Marilène Poitras (Canada) La semaine que mes étudiants et moi avons passée à l'école Don Pedro a été inoubliable. Nous y avons vécu des moments spéciaux grâce à l'accueil personnalisé, aux cours individuels et aux nombreuses activités que nous ont réservé Caty et son équipe. L'atmosphère chaleureuse et festive qui règne dans l'école nous ont tous profondément touchés. Quelle expérience enrichissante!

Stefanie Goertz (Germany) I was in Guatemala in May and studied at Don Pedro for one week. One week was definitely too short, I would have loved to stay longer!!! Everybody made me feel so welcome, it was amazing. All teachers are supernice and try to make us students feel home away from home. There is also a crazy salsa teacher - don't miss him , he's quite an experience :) The school also assists all who would like to volunteer. Great school, the best of it are the people who work there - thanks!!

Steve Poulson (United Kingdom) I studied here, being a complete beginner. I was taught all I needed to know in the three weeks I was there. All the teachers are lovely and make you feel welcome. I will definitely be coming back when I can to learn a bit more, and to say hello to everyone again.

Ida Jaarvik Hetland (Norway) I was at Don Pedro for the first time summer '09, and came back again in January '10 as it was a super experience! I learned so much spanish - far more than I had expected! All the teachers and the atmosphere at the school is fantastic - definitely the best choice I made!! :)))) I will highly recommended it to anyone wanting to study - and actually learn - Spanish in Guatemala!

Ed Carr (USA) My wife and I came to Antigua for a month and we had a great time at Don Pedro de Alvarado School! The teachers were patient and understanding of what we wanted to get out of our learning. My wife wanted a more casual experience while I wanted to learn more technical language for my work. It was a great experience and Antigua is a great place to relax and enjoy Guatemala.

Ben Pegler (USA) Great school. I'd definitely recommend it.

Sarah Elizabeth Biggerstaff (USA) Exceptional school! Teachers are fantastic. Cute, quaint, reasonable cost, overall great experience!

Rob Juteau (Québec, Canada) Une école exceptionnel avec un staff très professionnel. J'ai passer un séjour d'un mois a La Antigua et Je me prépare pour y retourné et continuer mon apprentissage. Je suis de la région du Québec, et Je peux vous assuré que La Antigua Guatemala mérite bien son titre de ville de patrimoine mondial, un honneur présenter ...par Unesco et également partagé par la ville de Québec...Félicitations...

Rina Steenkamp (South Africa) This school is one of a kind! I thoroughly enjoyed my five weeks there - learning Spanish had never been such fun and in the process I made friends for life.

Isabel Marier (Canada) Great time for sure: Good teachers and peoples are very sympathics in Guatemala! Bonjour à tous! Pour les francophones! Je vous recommande cette école où les professeurs ont cette capacité de s'adapter à leurs étudiants, à leur façon d'apprendre et à leur rythme. Le climat est chaleureux et la directrice, Caty, vous accueille comme si vous étiez chez elle, de la famille! J'ai vraiment de bons souvenirs, de l'école et du Guatemala! Des volcans, des gens, des expéditions, des sourires, du beau temps et de la liberté des vacances! Merci à tous! bons souvenirs du Québec!

Lyle Lair (USA) I Studied for 2 weeks at Don Pedro this may and what a wonderful experience it was, and the teachers and everyone were so nice. I can say i definitely will never forget the experiences i have had there. I hope one day i can return and see everyone again!

Kayla Buston (Canada) I studied for three weeks at Don Pedro this past April/May and had a completely great experience. My two teachers were just awesome and I learned much more than I thought was possible. The planned tours with the school and also the lunch and dinner fiestas were great. I'll be returning as soon as I can!

Corrie Bouchard (USA) You are guaranteed to get what you need from Don Pedro. The teachers are there to give you the best education according to your needs. The atmosphere is fun and inviting. The only thing you won’t like about it, is when you have to leave.

Jacco Brouwer (United Kingdom) I studied at Don Pedro for 2 weeks last year. I loved the setting in the garden and Caty was a great teacher. I also stayed with a wonderful family, arranged through Don Pedro, a 2 minute walk away from the school. I hope to get the chance to go back one day.

Silke Bay (Germany) The best Spanish school in Antigua! i studied there for 2 weeks last year, arriving without speaking a word of Spanish, i was able to have conversations after the 2 weeks. the teachers are superb and very professional. the school itself is a little piece of paradise, a beautiful garden where u sit in the shade of the trees and study. Doesn’t feel like being in school at all. There’s even a parrot!! Once a week, caty cooks for the students and she's a fabulous cook!! There’s also outside activities once a week which was always very interesting. Overall rating: 10 out of 10 points. i will definitely return there!!!!

Sarah Bramblette (USA) I studied at Don Pedro for two weeks last summer. It was my first time traveling to another country. The pick up at the airport was great and I was taken directly to my home-stay which was also nicely located and the family and their staff were very nice. The 1 on 1 instruction was very helpful, and I felt confident in communicating in Spanish around Antigua. The school also offered nice field trips in the afternoon. The instructors and staff also helped me in locating special gifts for my family. I look forward to returning soon.

Chris Buckshaw (Canada) My wife and I searched for the best Spanish Schools in Antigua and Don Pedro was by for the best we found! We love the one-on-one instruction we had from the experienced and incredibly nice teachers and I have since recommended many people to them. If you are going to Guatemala to learn Spanish, go to Don Pedro de Alvarado.

Phillip Moore (USA) I studied at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School for two weeks in January 2009. I had a great time. My teacher was Betty. She was very good. She was experienced. She was demanding. She is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had. We used several books to emphasis the areas that I wanted to cover. When I went to Antigua, I wanted to learn more than just the present tense and I wanted to focus on conversational skills. When I left, I could converse in the preterit, imperfect, future and conditional tenses. I had never done that before. Most of my homework was in a book called: The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice. By Ronni Gordon. I stayed with Irma Guerra and her family. Good family. Good food,very clean very friendly. I plan to stay with them when I return. I did not participate in all the school activities but the ones I did I enjoyed. I visited a coffee farm, a nut farm, learned to salsa dance and learned some traditional Guatemalian cooking. Once Caty, the school director, helped me shop for a small Guatemalian flag. Finally I found Guatemala to be a beautiful country The people were very friendly I would encourage others to visit. You may want to check blog at I have talked about my time at Don Pedro.

Phillip Moore (USA) 17 February 2012. I have returned to Don Pedro five times. I was a beginner when I started. I can now have a conversation. The school works hard to ensure the students have a good time.

Audra Popovich (USA) I would absolutely recommend Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. The first time I arrived in Guatemala my plane was three hours late and I spoke no Spanish. I was terrified that the transportation I had arranged through the school would not be at the airport to pick me up. As I walked out of customs there was a man holding a sign with my name. I was very impressed from the start and continued to be impressed throughout my time at the school. I have studied there twice and hope to return again. The school is smaller and the classes take place in a garden. The staff is terrific and will go out of their way to make your stay in Guatemala a great one.

Kirsti Röyskö (Findland) Muchas gracias por una semana en Antigua! I learned a lot Spanish and about Guatemala. Your beautiful peaceful garden was excellent for studying.

Pascal Chesnoy (France) Great way to learn Spanish muchas gracias por todo.

Travis McElroy (USA) I very much enjoyed my 2 weeks at the Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School. They have AWESOME teachers. The one-on-one focus is great whether you are a beginner to the Spanish language, or have some knowledge already. The school offers great tours and other services to make your immersion experience complete. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone going to Antigua. Gracias Caty, Leticia, y Rosa.

Johanna McGlauflin (USA) Hello, I took classes at the Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School in Antigua, in July. I studied at the school for 5 days. I had an excellent teacher, her name is Sandra. We mostly talked and I took notes in a notebook which worked very well for me since I was mostly interested in conversation. She did give me a few handouts that were helpful. My host family was fabulous, better than I could ever have imagined. Their names were Vinicio and Deli and lived across the street from the school. The afternoon activities that the school took us on were amazing. We went to a Mayan village, a coffee plantation and macadamia farm, these were some of the highlights of my trip to Guatemala. I have already recommended the school and host family to a number of friends, one of whom is planning to go in next year. Kind regards, Johanna McGlauflin.

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The best way to learn about us is to make
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